Women’s History Month

The first quarter of 2017 is already out the door! March is here and roaring its way right into our lives, with the hour going back and spring around the corner, are you ready for the next chapter lovers?

Lets see, the first 3 months have been very productive for myself. For starters I was able to enjoy grammy weekend in Los Angeles in February. I’m also on a new show called “The Party and Bullshit Show” hosted by Jack Thriller and Lore’l, I’m one of #JackiesAngels.


I’m very excited to announce a redesign of our home forthelovers.com, while I’ve had this same layout since this website began  as a class project, it’s time for a face lift !

Everyone seems to be doing it #ForTheLove these days. A lot of my personal friends have been working on their projects, passions and that alone always encourages and motivates me.

Women are out here making history , lets continue to empower one another and take over the world lovers.

Until next time…….


#ForTheLove : “Brittany Fogarty”

Happy Wednesday lovers!

#WomenWednesdayWorking is in full affect ! During NYFW17 I was able to interview Brittany Fogarty of Vh1’s Mob Wives at the red carpet for the “Tumbler & Tipsy” runway show by fashion designer Michael Kuluva.

The fellow Staten Islander talked about how NYFW17 had been for her thus far and why she does it #ForTheLove…….

#ForTheLove :”Don’t Trip 2 Recap”

Another successful event by the HYE. This time the concert featured artists Wifi Deezy, Sha Hef , M-2, YF and of course the headliner; James Rich. It was a pleasure watching these talented artists perform while representing our borough; Staten Island. There’s more in store for these up and coming artists, but how about we “Don’t Trip” and put on for our ladies for a part 3……

Happy Friday Lovers!