Deal breaker: “He Didn’t Spend His Money on My Gift, So Where did it go?”


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During the lovely holidays we should be getting closer with our mates, sharing gifts, love and meeting family. The holidays are a perfect time to bring people together. We get excited to buy for our loved ones, seeing their faces while they open the gift you know they’ve been dying for. It’s a mutual feeling with you, since you’ve been with your beau, he has always come correct. Recently you did notice a slight change in his gift giving ways.

You never want to sound like the shallow girlfriend, but what’s obvious is obvious. It began so suddenly, his lesser ways of expression. Knowing him, you know it’s not as financial situation or you wouldn’t be making an argument. What you don’t know if where his money is really going since it’s no longer going on your gifts.


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Being accustomed to standards in life is natural. When things change, it can make a relationship end. Granted you got with this person for him, not his money. What you have realized is he might be spending his money elsewhere. You wouldn’t imagine a relationship ending because gifts are diminishing. The deal breaker is bigger than that. No conversation was held exclaiming his new rules to the holidays “No gift”, it just happened. He didn’t even have any excuse but the truth “I just didn’t want to”. It hurts, ending things over gift isn’t what’s happening, spending his money elsewhere is the cause.


Author: Tiy Hampton

20 something year old New Yorker, that will make a difference. Open minded, talkative, only child. Shopping, traveling and food are my favorite. God first. I do radio, I model, I write, I report on events and conduct interviews. I believe you must do what you love in order to truly live. #ForTheLove

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