“Open Relationships or Friends with Benefits”


Photo Source: http://www.capitalfm.co.ke/wp-content/uploads/files/a_woman__2_men_382719705.jpg

              For those of you that don’t like to “share” open relationships doesn’t even exist. It’s a term people tie with swingers but that’s not it. Of course each relationship is particular amongst those involved.  An open relationship usually consists of an agreement to openly date other people while remaining in a relationship with each other. How can that actually be a relationship, or rather what’s the purpose to claim to be in one? If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, yet both you agree to date other people why can’t the term “Friends with Benefits” be the correct title?

                “Friends with Benefits” come with the same qualifications as an “Open Relationship”. There’s no ties, no commitment with having a friend with benefits. It’s a perfect relation, single and getting all the benefits from that friend without worrying about any expectation relationship brings. An open relationship gives some people a comfort of always coming back home to the same person, yet the okay to date someone along the way. “Having your cake and eating it too.” The option stands to be single, to date whomever you please, which also comes along with having a fear of being alone.


Photo Source: http://www.jujumamablog.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/open-relationship-feature-2.jpeg

                The boundaries are applied to open relationships. Who do you date? How do you date them? Is it something where it’s discussed in bed together or an agreement you know your spouse has the “okay” to cheat? Being single is still the safest way to date; there’s no expectation, do as you please, especially no emotions involved. Having a friend with benefits is the most dangerous. Becoming intimate with a friend shouldn’t happen, if that friendship is valuable. Intercourse brings emotions by nature, souls intertwining leading to an end of a friendship when gone wrong.  When two people agree to be together it should be among them, openly bringing others into what is already built can become messy if not maturely handled.


Photo source: http://candydiaries.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/open-relationship-240.jpg


Author: Tiy Hampton

20 something year old New Yorker, that will make a difference. Open minded, talkative, only child. Shopping, traveling and food are my favorite. God first. I do radio, I model, I write, I report on events and conduct interviews. I believe you must do what you love in order to truly live. #ForTheLove

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