Adele on the Radio

     Adele 21 album is already on the radio exampling it a great success.  Dropping in 2011, it has already been on various radio stations. Some of my favorite radio stations include a mix of genre of music, representing me. Hot 97, which is the latest hip hop and r & b  along with 92.3known for its latest in top 40 music (including rap, hip hop, r & b, pop, house, rock). So it is safe to safe this album may not have a specific station it would be on.

     I like the diversity the album has been displaying to its audience. Any race, age, sex can relate to young heartbroken love.  With this entire album, other artist related so much to Adele’s music they decided to remix it with their own beats almost changing the mood regardless of the lyrics. One of the remixes I recall from 92.3 was for “rolling in the deep”. The name of the artist whom had done this wasn’t mention but that person sure did turn this song upside down.  Mostly the beat was changed to an upbeat tempo representing house music.  From a slow beat song it became alive, a statement she was disclaiming which worked for me because now I am telling you about the break up, confident in what we had that is no longer.

     A little off topic but I have yet to hear Adele on any country music radio stations. Sounding contradicting since she is clearly singing soul music but her voice is still so strong it wouldn’t be surprising for me if I heard her there just once.

     Some other songs off her album also made the radio now “Turning Table, Someone Like You, Set Fire to the Rain, and I believe Rumor Has it” ( I play her album so much I tend to forget what is actually on the radio compared to her album). Most have been on 92.3. What is more interesting and I haven’t found information was the radio station’s rating of the album. If I could assume I would say a 4 because they may not want the album to seem perfect.  


Author: Tiy Hampton

20 something year old New Yorker, that will make a difference. Open minded, talkative, only child. Shopping, traveling and food are my favorite. God first. I do radio, I model, I write, I report on events and conduct interviews. I believe you must do what you love in order to truly live. #ForTheLove

1 thought on “Adele on the Radio”

  1. Tiy,

    I really enjoyed your thorough entry and research. I can see you’ve heard Adele on most radio stations and I think she deserves to be on any station because her music is amazing and has a world-wide feel. I do believe you mixed up singles. I don’t remember “Turn Tables” as a single but I could be wrong. I’m curious to know if any of the songs have affected you personally. Have you gone through anything that Adele helps you get through? Also, since you brought it up the idea of re-mixing, are there any songs you would remix? Do you think there are songs that need an upbeat tempo, or ones which might sound good acoustically? Other than that, just please check your grammar. If you’re grammar was better this could be a really, really good post. Good job.

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