“The College Dropout”

Shocking as it may seem, this is actually my first time listening to this album in its entirety. It sure has been one of the top albums in the 2000s. I guess because I was about 14, a time when I didn’t like rap as much. Amazing this album is almost 10 years old. How time flies! Now because this assignment forced me to not to skip any songs I did find that rather annoying. I understand the purpose which gives you the listener the true initial impression. It was an interesting album. From a scale on 1-5, a 4 (one being the lowest and 5 being the highest). The fact Kanye actually kept the entire theme; hence the title “The College Dropout” was absolutely marvelous. There was no doubt in my mind listening did I feel he did not work hard on this album. Beginning from the intro which I believe is Cedric The Entertainer, it’s giving a message one might believe to encourage his young listeners to “do the right thing” and remain in school. Total opposite but why be shocked, that describes Mr. West controversial personality to the “T”. Kanye West attitude is to encourage young adults to forget college for society!  See he is a paradox himself. It’s clearly not for everybody. Most people in the United States go to college because of their parents’ dreams trying to make their children relive them. In reality who is on the top of the money charts these days, scholars or rappers? Along with this theme, I feel there’s a bigger message Kanye West is trying to say as loud as possible. Society has definitely been changing us. It’s becoming even more evident as the years so-called progress, especially in the United States. The world really sees success with beauty and cash, meaning it’s all about how much, money you have nevertheless how you got it. Don’t look too “good” buy your looks, it’ll solve all your problems. We live how others expect us to live, not how we desire to live, so are we living? The songs that speak volumes to me about this particular message would be “All Falls Down” and “Workout Plan”. Writing from a female perspective, it’s way easier to relate because there’s the constant strand on us to look right at all times. Hair long, body perfect flat stomach etc, it’s just not reality. “Hair long look like weave, then she cut all off now she look like eve” is that a problem? YES! Sometimes a person has to do the complete opposite of the stereotype to prove they are indeed an individual. “Workout Plan” says it all in a less serious note. Get the perfect body with Kanye’s workout plan and live the perfect life, right? “Thanks to Kanye’s workout plan now I’m the envy of all my friends” Overall my first time listening to “The College Dropout” by Kanye West just makes me want to follow him even more through his musical career.


Author: Tiy Hampton

20 something year old New Yorker, that will make a difference. Open minded, talkative, only child. Shopping, traveling and food are my favorite. God first. I do radio, I model, I write, I report on events and conduct interviews. I believe you must do what you love in order to truly live. #ForTheLove

1 thought on ““The College Dropout””

  1. Tiy,

    This post is a good beginning. You have a lot of good points, like showing how Kanye West contridicts himself, and you do a great job weaving in social problems in relation to Kanye’s album. I also liked the fact you pointed out a few songs, which you liked, and how Kanye West was able to keep the theme of “College Dropout” through out the whole album. What makes Kanye West great, though others may disagree, is how he can stick to a topic or an issue whether it’s for a whole song or whole album (e.g. Diamonds are forever and “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”). You do a good job interjecting your feelings as well and that’s a big part of blogging and the project since you ARE the listener.
    Some ways i thought you could improve was in structure. I know it’s a blog entry but separating paragraphs and proof reading are VERY important. Some sentences either run-on or a cut short. If you re-read the entry before you post it or have someone else do it, it can really help the overall feel of the entry. Also, i would have liked if you did a little bit of research on the album and found out maybe why it’s called “College Dropout.” A lot of people drop out of college but everyone has their own reason why and so does Kanye West. Lastly, try and save your overall number grade (4/5) on the album for the end, rather than in the beginning. The blog entry should be about why you chose the number rating (things you liked, didn’t like, the overall feel of the album on the first listen, the significance of the album, etc) rather than including the number rating in the beginning or in the post at all. Other than that, like i said this is a very good beginning. I like your voice and how you make so many points in a short amount of space. Keep what you are doing well and keep improving and I’m sure you’ll not only be a better blogger/writer but also do well in the future.

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