“The Daily Mail” by Radiohead

My first blog ever and it's about "The Daily Mail” by Radiohead. Not like I have a choice here, but here goes my response. Automatically I stop and feel like running with this song in the background. This isn't the run for the hell of it for track, it's a real run straight out of my problems. Running until I find a solution. Especially when the climax of the song feels as if your heart is pounding. I become literally out of breath, listening hoping no one is seeing my reaction to this song. Now I actually listened to this song with my eyes closed which enhanced the instrumentals of the song. It's interesting because for a short period growing, into the climax when the drums come on I realized there's a man actually expressing something which I'm still trying to figure out. I hope it's clear this is a song I enjoyed. As soon as I heard the beat I felt I could move and even noticed my head nodding, very interesting for an alternative rock song which I believe this to be. Not totally out of my comfort zone with this genre, I used to actually listen to only this type when I was younger in junior high school then the changed to hip hop in high school.  What I like about this song is the singer’s voice is full of such a complying passion making the song a bit sexy. Haven't linked the title with the song yet, I did actually hear him sing it several times.  Although I would recommend this song to a person feeling the need to scream, I would tell them you have to be open minded listening to this. Reason is the piano beat changes almost giving the  illusion of a horror flick then becomes comforting all in the same stanza, almost as if a schizophrenic "the lunatics have taken over the asylum" that line alone explains that piano music I feel goes crazy, just loses it. In all reality who is taking over? And then a rapture? Which goes back to the beginning, this song expressing a run maybe even an escape the buildup of the anxiety for the people to take charge over those supposed to be the leaders. After having those two lines I can't get the movie “Pan’s Labyrinth” out of my mind. If you don’t know that movie was a twisted fairytale during the Spanish revolution. One of the main characters an evil faun plays games with a little girl and she’s stuck into his wrath. To make a long story short I can really feel both this artist and main character’s feelings of escaping a world that’s seems so uncontrollable.

“The Daily Mail” represents the news, an announcement from the people to the government that they are taking a stand against what they feel is unjust. Whew, after listening to the song three times! Now since I did enjoy this song I feel it is only fair to rate “The Daily Mail” a 4. A perfect score of a “5” didn’t make it because I couldn’t clearly understand his lyrics until I listened to the song with the lyrics! Now that might be the point because most of the lead singer “Thom Yorke’s” songs are unclear but for me on a personal level I want to sing along! Can’t do that if I can’t hear what the singer is saying!  So to wrap this whole thing up, because I just realized I’m way over my word count, this shall be the beginning of a well semester of music blogging and beginning with this song from Radiohead “The Daily Mail” has inspired me to let go and let God. A saying believed to mean literally letting go stepping out and allowing things to flow naturally. (God).


Author: Tiy Hampton

20 something year old New Yorker, that will make a difference. Open minded, talkative, only child. Shopping, traveling and food are my favorite. God first. I do radio, I model, I write, I report on events and conduct interviews. I believe you must do what you love in order to truly live. #ForTheLove

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