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December 1, 2017
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December 5, 2017

While the weather outside is frightful, and your lungs seem to be undelightful, drink a Hot Toddy!

Being a bartender has its utmost benefits especially when it comes to health. I tend to make a lot of my own remedies to keep me afloat and well despite the busy holiday season.  Since I’ve been on and off sick since October, I have nursed myself back to great health by drinking a hot toddy literally every day!

Simply make a hot tea of your preference ( I make ginger tea), then add a shot of whiskey, brandy or whatever liquor you may have to soothe your insides. This isn’t a cocktail to get drunk off, but rather to get your health drunk off the healing herbs so you can be back to tending the bar, holiday shopping etc!


cheers lovers

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